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Whether your business is a start up or an established medium sized concern, I can design for you, a new modern website or refresh what you already have and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result. It can be a website that displays your services, like this one does, or an ecommerce site where visitors can buy your products on line. In respect of refreshing your existing website it has to be said that change is good.

Design Process

Having listened carefully to you and having asked a number of questions we will have a clear idea of what it is you want. We will also have some ideas of how to get your thoughts and ideas published by way of a website.

It may be of course that you know exactly what it is you want. In that case we will follow your ideas and design. If you are not totally certain although have some rough ideas then we will be pleased to offer our thoughts and experience until you are happy with the proposal.

24/7 Web Support

This is all about web design and how we go about it. The first thing we need to do is to learn about your business and so we do a lot of listening at this stage. If you’re nearby in Norfolk or north Suffolk, telephone calls as well and video calls can also play their part. The important thing is that the choice is yours.

So, what is the procedure and how does it all work? Well, typically you will get in touch and explain what it is you have in mind.

We will arrange everything for a Start up Business website.
This includes:

  • a or .com domain name of your choice providing it is available
  • hosting with a leading international provider to ensure stability and 99.9% up-time
  • an SSL certificate to encrypt all data leaving your site – you’ll be
  • submission of your site to Google and Bing
  • entry of your business onto Google Local Maps
  • Local Website Designer in Norfolk

It’s all about ‘YOU’!

We won’t try to sell you a site that is greater than you actually need, in order to put your start up business on the “internet map”. It may well be for example, that three pages will do the job. You can always add additional pages later once the business is established and making money.

Web designer in Norfolk


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1st Approach We Follow is

Images & Branding

Images for a website design are all important but if you are uncertain as to either the text or the images then we can assist. We can write the text for you and/or we can take images for you with our professional grade cameras and lenses. We also have access to a vast stock library where we can normally download suitable images should you need them. This can be very useful and very affordable too in the right circumstances.

Because we are keen photographers with a full range of professional lenses and camera equipment, up to date images of premises, for example, is not a problem.

You may already have a logo but if not then that’s something we can handle for you.

Bespoke WordPress theme designed

Why WordPress Developed Platforms?

Now just the other day we saw one of our competitors extolling the virtues of their own home built platform and how it would do everything that WordPress would do but surely that gives an immediate problem. What happens if they fail to give you the promised service? What happens if they should cease business? They are the only people who understand their platform and the only people who have the ‘key’. When you have a WordPress site, you can go to more than any one of a dozen designers here in Norfolk, let alone hundreds across the country, and any one of them could handle your problem or query or updates. And that means we have to work even harder to ensure you don’t leave us – but that’s the way we like it.

Web Designer in Norfolk

E-Commerce Development

Support & Delivery

We can add e-commerce to any of our packages. For a simple set up where there are a limited number of products our pricing can be as low as £350.00. Beyond that it depends on just how many products are for sale and then whether a fully fledged e-commerce site is required. Either way it will always be available to self edit. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to quote.