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If you’re starting with your online store, you probably know that Facebook ads – which covers advertising on both Facebook and Instagram

– is by far the most popular form of marketing for drop shippers, but why is that? Here are a few reasons:

  • The ads can reach a huge audience: Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide and Instagram has over 1 billion – that’s some huge potential for your ads.
  • It suits any budget: Whether you have hundreds to spend or hundreds of thousand, you can launch a Facebook ads campaign that will get results, making it an excellent option for small businesses right through to huge companies.
  • It’s a breeze to scale: If you find a campaign is performing well, it’s straightforward to scale it up. For example, you could add more budget, use Facebook’s audience insights to retarget or expand your reach by targeting new markets.
  • It works in tandem with your Pixel: The Facebook Pixel means it’s easy to track the people interested in your products and use this data to create ads that have a higher chance of converting.
  • You have creative options: Whether you want to run video or image ads – or a mixture of both – you can do all of this from within Facebook ads. This flexibility is great as it allows you to create something you think will show off your product the best.

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Facebook Marketing Norfolk

Run the Campaign as a CBO Campaign!

The next piece of advice Facebook gave was that I should turn on CBO or campaign budget optimization. According to Facebook, CBO helps you get the most out of your campaign budget – that’s the amount you set at the campaign level, rather than at the ad set level – by delivering the best results possible.

Patrick recommended that I run a campaign with three ad sets, all targeting different interests and letting CBO find the most exceptional opportunities to get the best results – for example, the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). This means that instead of spending equally across all ad sets, one ad might get allocated 80 percent of the budget because CBO detected that that particular ad was the best way of using my budget to achieve the highest ROAS.

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